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If only the best in electronic cigarettes will do for you, then you should definitely try V2 Cigs. The reasons this extremely popular leading ‘independent’ brand come with top ratings and recommendations are many, but ultimately boil down to superior quality control (and coresponding product performance / satisfaction) together with perhaps the most professionally run (including industry leading support, Warranty, shipping and a track record of over-delivering in just about every area.


V2Cig is a top rated e-cigarette brand that has increased in popularity and user base extremely rapidly in the last few years and continues to become more and more popular among electronic cigarette users every day. When V2 Cigs first started, it experienced a few problems in terms of keeping up with supply and demand and in fulfilling orders quickly.


2012 Was The Year Of V2 Cigs Moving From Big To Biggest And Better To Best Among The Top Ecig BrandsAs We Head Into 2013, After Non-Stop Innovation And Refinement, V2 Cigs Sits In The Enviable Position Of Having The Strongest Lineup Of Super-Easy To Use, Craving-Crushing And Outright Satisfying Ecigs That Give Smokers The Best Possible ‘Vapor’ Experience, Maximizing The Chance To Make The Transition Away From Tobacco A Lasting One.


Reviewing V2 E Cigs after a non-stop year of announcements and rollouts of endless improvements, the V2 brand’s professionalism, attention to customer experience – from visiting V2′s great new website, through quick and flexible shipping options and a lifetime warranty on most components…


No other brand elicits the kind of confidence V2 have earned through consistent dedication to building the best e-cig brand since day one. There were bumps but the company have truly arrived, and having surpassed one million customers several months ago is an appropriate milestone to parallel and give evidence of this feat.






My Name Is James








V2 Cigs Ratings Tab 1 Name Here So Who The Heck Am I (You Might Ask?)




V2 Cigs Ratings

Compared To Other TOP 10 Brands In The Market (including Green Smoke, Blu, NJOY, Volcano, South Beach Smoke, Apollo, Smoke51 and others)












A Bold Claim For Sure, But One That I Say This With Data To Back it Up…


V2 Cigs Is Leading The Industry not just from a subjective opinion, but also going by key numbers, including Aggregated Sales Volume (well surpassed one million customers now!), Web Traffic & Top Rated Reviews Collectively (It’s Not Just Me Who Love the Brand!)


V2 Leads all other brands in these and other key areas, having patched up lingering elements like their logistics troubles early on and less then stellar web-shopping experience last Spring 2012 with a huge rollout of everything from new products to a slick new site, USA assembly factories and much more. It was a year that left anyone in doubt silent that V2 know what their doing, and they are in this long term.


If You Are Like Most People Searching For The Right E-Cig Among Hundreds (or even the top 20) You Know It Is More Than A little Bit Frustrating Trying to Get What Feeling Like Credible Information, You Are Probably A Little Doubtful You Will Find Anything But More Of The Same…




I don’t blame you, its very hard to get good trustworthy information from anyone who knows a thing about what they are talking about. I’ll cut to the chase and let you in on a simple fact you may have suspected – E-Cigarettes, while truly an incredible revolutionary device worth every bit of the excitement and buzz the invention has had (i’ve personally used them for over 4 years now, and switched permanently from 10 years of tobacco in 2 weeks… and my experience is far from uncommon), given this success and rapid growth however, like other explosive young industries, the e-cigarette market (from properly planned and funded brands in it for the long-term, to bandwagon hoping middle-men hoping for a quick short-term windfall, and marketers who may or may not know the first thing about e-digs telling you this that and everything else all over the net).


I’m going to provide you with something different here if you can give me the time to share with you some straight info, in depth and well backed up insight into why i am suggesting V2 Cigs as todays market leader, and by a significant margin…


i am keeping this review and supplementary pages here updated on – something i need to do amazingly often with the rapid growth and improvements, changes, new product upgrades and more from V2, it is remarkable having witnessed closely the amazing range and amount of stellar accomplishments that they mapped out goals for and not only met release dates on but not a single one the many things that might have fallen short or experienced hiccups along the way did anything but meet and exceed all promises.





If only the best in electronic cigarettes will do for you, then you should definitely try V2 Cigs. This is a brand that has increased in popularity extremely rapidly in the last few years and continues to become more and more popular among electronic cigarette users every day. When V2 Cigs first started, it experienced a few problems in terms of keeping up with supply and demand and in fulfilling orders quickly.







© 2013 – NOT OFFICIAL V2 CIGS Site, this is an independently run review and fan site.















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The Ultimate V2 Cigs Reviews & Buyers Guide


The V2 CIGS Review


V2 Cigs Review Late Summer 2013 – Overview / Quick Summary:


The Quality, Design And The Powerful Performance Of V2 Cigs Come In Second To Absolutely No One. No Matter How You View It, V2 Outperforms All Of The Other Brands On The Market In Every Single Way. As An Entirety, The V2 Brand Is One Of The Best Performing, Most High Functioning Competitors In Their Market Today.


A Lot Of The Competition Will Pile Their Money Into Marketing Strategies And Advertisements And Put Less Of It Into The Actual Product Itself, Where V2 Is Always Working To Improve Their Products And Put Their Money And Focus Into Researching And Developing So That They Always Have The Best Technology Out There.


Just Like With Any Other Product Out There, V2’S Success Has Been Reliant On Their Products, Which Speak For Themselves With How Satisfying They Are. V2 E-Cigs Are The Best On The Market; No Other E-Cig Comes Close.


Personally, V2 Is My Recommended E-Cig.


I Find V2 To Be Far Ahead Of Any Other Brand When It Comes To The Provided Vaping Experience As A Whole. You Don’t Have To Go By What I Tell You, Though. See For Yourself By Trying One Of Their Starter Kits. They Have A 30 Day Return Policy With Refund Guaranteed If You’re Unsatisfied, But I Promise You Won’t Be!




V2: High Quality Products, Guaranteed!


There is perhaps nothing more indicative of the guaranteed quality of V2 Cigs than their own confidence when it comes to their product.


For one, they offer an amazing lifelong warranty for replacement on any electronic parts of your cig, including all types of chargers, the batteries, the USB plug-in, essentially anything not consumable.


There is a reason that V2 Cigs is the top brand in the market when it comes to not only the loyalty of the consumers and overall popularity, but also its total sales. V2 has also been the top rated brand more consistently than any other brand from reviewers all over the internet.


The brand had a few issues in its first year with site issues causing order delays but since then has completely turned it around and has been responsible for bringing in a slew of new things to the market and earned itself a label as a brand that won’t disappoint.


What did V2Cigs do to shoot to the top?


The V2 brand became well known by creating superior quality products. Rather than slacking off with their products and having a less impressive line, V2 has strived to create products worth having, refusing to settle for something less.


They take the initiative to improve their products, which makes for a much more impressive electronic cigarette. This stretches further than just cigarettes though. V2 also has a highly impressive line of accessories. The E-Liquid, for one, is a product that is highly suggested for anyone new to E-Smoking.


It’s an amazing, satisfying accessory that comes in any of the starter kits. Also worth mentioning is the excellent customer service.


V2 makes it crystal clear that producing worthwhile products is their top concern.



V2 has developed into the brand that they are today through their dedication to producing nothing that isn’t of the utmost quality and to making sure that user’s of these products always have great experiences with them.


Over time, V2’s electronic cigarette has transformed, becoming more improved with each transformation. In the beginning, V2’s mission was to guarantee that each and every person using their cigarettes had an ideal experience that fully satisfied their cravings rather than producing another e-cigarette product that had little more to offer than being convenient to clutter up the E-Cig market.


Competing Electronic Cigarette Brands Can’t Measure Up To V2 E Cigs!



In this particular area, a number of the other brands just don’t get it right. They fail to deliver the things that V2 does.


You won’t find another E-Cigarette on the market that combines being easy to use while also giving good performance all at an affordable price the way that V2 Cigs does.


Other brands refuse to put the time and funding where it is necessary and instead settle for dated, low quality cigarettes.


V2 is customer oriented and makes user experience and good products the center of their attention.


Switching to electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes is a difficult task that can sometimes take multiple tries.


It is a phase that smokers have to triumph over and for this, they need a reliable support system; a group that can aid them in this transition. This is what V2 offers. With any problem, you can depend on them to be there and answer any worries you may bring to them. There aren’t many brands that care to offer support and good customer service even though it is central for you and your successful transition.


From the second you place your E-Cig order to when you have it delivered, V2 will right there with you, providing uncomplicated instructions and all of the safety measures you need to know.



V2 Cigs have a wide selection of flexible choices in everything from Battery type and size to flavors and most recently an expanded (up to 24mg) range of nicotine strength selections.







Another positive about V2 products is the options they offer. When you buy your battery, for example, you not only select a desired length but also get to choose your favorite style. There is a long size which is 140mm, a standard 110mm size, and The Shorty, a small 100mm size battery.


There is also the option of manual, which has a button that you press when you want to produce vapor, or the automatic, which has no button and produces vapor as you inhale. Experienced E-Smokers tend to lean toward the manual battery because they insist that it produces a vapor that is much better and thicker.



However, automatic batteries have their own pros, such as the convenience and ease of them. 


It’s a good option to have and not one that many brands offer. Even more exciting is the extremely affordable price on these batteries, which have a low range of twenty to thirty dollars based on your selected size. Furthermore, V2 gives you excellent quality products, providing an amazing value rather than selling cheap because they have skipped on the quality.


Further information V2 Cigs Vapor Cigarettes and Our Review Thoughts!



Regardless of what other E-Cigs may offer or claim to be, V2 Cigs is the brand that is the most searched for and top purchased brand available.


E-Cigs haven’t been around for an awfully long time, but they have come very far for the time they have been here. The brands that have focused on improving their products and on their customers and not fallen behind have started to really become well known in the sea of suppliers who leapt into the market unprepared and you can rely on this to continue and get even bigger throughout the new year and beyond it.


Brands that don’t offer quality products and are incapable and those who aren’t in the business for the long run or just can’t manage to offer satisfying products and continually work to improve their E-Cigs will fall behind and eventually fade into oblivion in the market.


I adore competitiveness and variety when it comes to the E-Cig market. It’s something I really am interested in and pay attention to and have been a follower of since its beginning. However, I also believe that there is still some weeding out that is necessary at this point which will allow E-Cigs to have a good development and achieve a new chapter of acceptance as something normal rather than different in society today.


It can be fairly puzzling when first looking into E-Cigs if you’re trying to find straightforward answers to all your questions about the different products but more and more, buyers are realizing who they are able to depend on to give them great products on a regular basis, fantastic vaping experience, and also to act as a support system for them whether they are just starting on E-Cigs or have been using them for years and before or after their purchase.


V2 CIG: A Brand Whose Professional & Savvy Management Puts The Customer First With No Corner Cutting… Many Brands Are Likely To Collapse as The ECIG Industry Consolidates – V2 I’m Willing To Bet Will Be Among The Few Brands Sure To Not Be Going Anywhere


There is only a small pool of E-Cig brands that provide all of these things and of that little group, none of them are obvious leaders to the market or stand out as the strongest company through their growth and the things they do.


V2, however, is now hailed by a massive loyal user base that just recently passed the one million mark due to the effort they put into their E-Cigs and accessories as well as their customer service to assure that both of these areas are given adequate amounts of attention while other companies only put their focus into their budgets.


V2 is making headlines. The brand is known around the world because of their brilliant technology and the fact that it all comes as astoundingly low prices. Many brands will promise these things but at the end of the day, they don’t deliver them. V2 is number one on in their specific category and it is for these reasons.


V2 doesn’t disappoint in their claims and promises, they earned their top spot through hard work and by giving their customers the most amazing experience they could possibly hope for when using electronic cigarettes. That is why they are number one, because they have worked to achieve that.


V2 Cigs have top notch starter kits. These kits come equipped with the fantastic and highly recommended e-liquids and nicotine cartridges and the freshly added and completely brilliant 4.2 volt battery.


There is far more than just V2’s affordable prices, updated technology and upgraded products to brag about such as the fact that they have partnered up with UPS, which should be an example of how many great things this company has achieved.


Prior to this, E-Cig users would have a lengthy wait before their packages were final delivered through the U.S. postal service. Thanks to their success and the reliable label V2 earned, UPS suggested a partnership to them. I will come to the amazing customer service that V2 Cigs has later on but for right now, let’s move on to the worth of the company’s products.



E-CIG Starter Kits from V2 Electronic Cigarettes Go Above And Beyond.


When you are browsing E-Cig websites and considering what to buy you should always take the quality of the starter kits into consideration because these kits are typically the biggest investment as far as pricing goes and buy purchasing one, you are pledging some amount of commitment to that company. Because of this, while it can be literally costly in a monetary sense, it can also be costly in the sense of the experience the new E-Cig user receives.


What V2 Starter Kits bring to the table?


You can wind up with a poor quality starter kit that is designed with poor technology and delivers a vaping experience that falls short and may end up permanently turning you away from E-Cigarettes rather than running the risk of putting money into some other brand and taking the chance of an equally bad or even worse experience.


Starter kits are everything (and should be). They are the first impression for most customers and what those customers think of the brand as a whole can rest on the starter kits. I believe that the starter kits are a big portion of the success that V2 has had in their competitive market because they seem to have a real understanding of what customers are seeking and give them exactly that.


This is clear in the large variety of V2 starter kits that they have available, each of which is a match for a certain budget or lifestyle. It is very obvious that V2 has put quite a bit of thought into these starter kits, which is further confirmed by the outstanding packaging. V2 makes opening up the box a thrilling experience all of its own, where the opening of each separate component is informative and a good guide for new E-Cig users.


Packaging isn’t an aspect that I consider to be important enough that it is deserving of its own rating category, but there is no doubt that if it were, V2 would set the bar and no other brand would come near being able to touch it.


V2 starter kits have a wide assortment of options that are all intelligently sorted to match precise user desires as well as having even more inside of them than other competing brands at every level.




V2 Cigs Coupon Code 2013 How does an Ecigarette work? Save Your Money With V2 E Cigs Discounts + Ecig Savings


Currently the global economic crisis is affecting everyone, not just cigarette smokers, but for many smokers giving up entirely is out of the question. 



So if you can get the same effect as you do with tobacco and save even more money by using your V2 cigs coupons you know it makes sense. Retailers know that by offering coupons and discounts they will keep the loyalty of their customers so it makes sense for them as well. Everybody benefits. Not only that, but if you can save money with V2 cigs coupons you may well find that you have money saved up which could be used in an emergency which you otherwise would not have had. So your coupons are just a great bonus and a way of your supplier saying thank you.



Your V2 Cigs Coupon Codes offer the retailer another benefit.



A certain amount of money is always allocated for advertising V2 Ecigarettes, but instead of spending it on advertising the retailer has the option of giving a discount to regular customers. By doing this he is ensuring that the customer will stay loyal and continue to purchase from him so he will continue to keep regular customers. Spending money on advertising is rather like gambling; there is no way of knowing in advance whether it will produce any extra business at all. By rewarding a loyal customer continued business is ensured.



V2 cigs coupons have been introduced so that smokers can now enjoy the benefits of nicotine without it costing a fortune.



At the same time smokers are not at risk from the tars and all the other toxins associated with traditional cigarettes. If you are a smoker and you have never tried an Ecigarette then you should certainly try V2 Ecigarettes. You will reduce health risks and at the same time save money over your normal cigarette brand. Even more, with V2 cigs coupons you will make further savings. You get the bes of both worlds. What could be better?


© 2013 – NOT OFFICIAL V2 CIGS Site, this is an independently run review and fan site.


v2 cigs coupon code october november december 2013

Your V2 Ecigarette has three main components – the cartridge, the atomizer and the battery. The cartridge, with an opening at each end contains a liquid which is drawn through the atomiser and converted into a mist which passes into the user’s mouth. The act of puffing on the mouthpiece activates the battery which heats the heating element contained in the atomizer. The liquid is then drawn through the atomizer which converts it into the mist. The mist is inhaled and there are no by-products of either smoke or ash so no one is affected by it. The battery is rechargeable and your V2 Ecigarette comes with a charger. A normal cartridge will last as long as a pack of twenty cigarettes.


The nicotine in ordinary cigarettes is what causes a feeling of euphoria in the smoker when it is absorbed into the bloodstream. An Ecigarette provides exactly the same effect but without any of the tars or other toxins which are the main causes of harm. V2 Ecigarettes are fast becoming the choice for many confirmed smokers.


V2 Ecigarettes have been designed by former smokers who understand that smokers need the effect of nicotine without any of the dangers caused by tars and other toxins. A seasoned smoker is able to stop smoking traditional cigarettes and use V2 Ecigarettes without any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever because the nicotine still gets into the bloodstream. The Ecigarette is just an efficient way of getting the nicotine into the body without any of the adverse side effects. The designers of V2 Ecigarettes are fully aware of how much you spend on traditional tobacco products and have decided to offer you V2 cigs coupons as a way of introducing you to the Ecigarettes which is better both for your health and for your pocket.


Traditional cigarettes are not very good at getting the nicotine into your bloodstream. Most of it is lost through passive smoke which also affects people near you. In addition this means that traditional smokers spend even more money because they have to keep buying more cigarettes in order to get the satisfaction of the nicotine. V2 Ecigarettes deliver the nicotine in an effective manner and none of it is lost through passive smoke.


V2 Ecigarettes have been designed by ex smokers and are not recommended for people who have never smoked. Nicotine is, after all, a drug and it can increase blood pressure. It should not be used by minors or people who have not smoked before. They are not recommended for pregnant women, any more than real cigarettes are. In fact, V2 cigarettes will not supply minors under any circumstances.


Another benefit of V2 Ecigarettes is that they can be safely and legally used in areas where no smoking is allowed. Since they produce no passive smoke and no cigarette butts or ash they are clean and will have no effect on anyone else. There is no mess and no fuss.

v2 cigs coupon code october november december 2013

If you are a cigarette smoker you may have heard of, or even toyed with the idea of trying an Ecigarette. An Ecigarette is an electronic cigarette which supplies nicotine to the bloodstream but is claimed by manufacturers to do the user no harm. Equally important is the claim that an Ecigarette causes no passive smoking.

When one smokes an ordinary tobacco cigarette which contains nicotine, tar and other toxins, not all of the smoke is absorbed into the lungs. Some of it is exhaled and will then be inhaled by people nearby. This is known as passive smoking and is actually responsible for some lung cancers in people who have never smoked. For this reason smoking in public is banned in some places.

With an Ecigarette however a mist containing nicotine is created which is inhaled and absorbed into the lungs creating no passive smoke. Naturally this is better for people accompanying the users of Ecigarettes. In order to increase the popularity of Ecigarettes we are now offering our customers V2 cigs coupons which will help to reduce the cost of V2 cigs even further. You can get all the feel of a real cigarette at less cost.

v2 cigs coupon code october november december 2013

Ecigarettes are cheaper than traditional cigarettes in the first place, so one might wonder why the coupons? However, if it makes your Ecigarettes even cheaper you might as well take advantage. If you buy your Ecigarettes from us you can use your coupons to reduce the cost of shipping them to your door. You can even give your V2 cigs coupon to a friend if you wish, so they can use them as well.